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Be obstructed no longer by bad posture or the monotony of fixed ergonomics”. With our highly adjustable chair, every piece has been meticulously chosen for adjustability and its potential for ergonomic support. All parts were made and designed to give a customized ergonomic experience that did not depend on you fitting into the typical category a regular chair was designed for.

The seat has been replaced from the standard bucket seat of gaming chairs with a flowing slope that does not prevent or cause any strain on the legs. Bucket seats are famed for how unpleasant they can become for an extended duration due to their fixed shape that causes strain on the blood vessels and nerves inside the thighs. The natural slope design of our seat was taken from naturally formed waterfalls and the ebb and flow of water. When seated, the seat design naturally helps the thighs gain a more natural, relaxed position helping the lower back and relieving stress on the lower back.

A standard headrest leaves only the bare minimum support for the head and neck. Designed for every user, they typically leave a lot of adjustment out of the equation. We considered all the different people, heights, and desired postures. The headrest comes with unconditional support and adjustability. It can raise and lower the headrest by 5 cm and swivel it for a natural and relaxed feel.

The backrest was designed for both a passive and active ergonomic experience. The backrest automatically makes the seat swivel when sat and puts pressure on it to help guide your spine to a natural position. The backrest naturally flows, but you can push or retract the backrest with adjustable buttons on each side.

Backrest features and building materials:

– Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery

– Ultralight Aluminum alloy

– 5 levels of height adjustability

– 15 levels of backrest tilting

– Beautiful butterfly design

Seat features and build materials:

– Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery

– Natural ergonomic flow design

– Automatic sync-sliding for when you are leaning back

– Sync-sliding can be locked

– When locked, the seat will be pushed 23 degrees to adapt for any other user

Headrest features and building materials:

– Premium Korean Wintex Mesh upholstery

– Ultralight Aluminum alloy

– 3 sets of adjustments for ultimate adjustability

Armrest features and building materials:

– Aluminium alloy build frame

– PU arm pad

– 6 levels of height adjustment

– Paddle switch controls

Base features and build materials:

– Lightweight aluminium

– Reinforced

– Noise-reducing caps

– Protective sleeve for the gas lift that adds noise reduction

Wheels features and build materials:

– High-quality engineered plastics

– Noise-reducing PU rimFriction reducing plastics

– Noise-reducing caps inside wheels


  Made from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy to bring proper insurance and longevity to your chair. The metal frame of our ZEN [PHASE 003] STEEL chair was made for impeccable reliability and fully adjustable ergonomics, designed to mimic nature. As with real steel, we broke down a chair to its simplest components, filtering out all that is unnecessary and what supports which parts of the body, leaving no impurities in the final product. The seat was made for an ergonomic and natural sloping design, where no strain or displeasure is present. Designing the seat, we were inspired by the natural flowing of water and waterfalls. The seat was given a soft crescent descent to support the inner nerves and vessels of thighs, a feature that is infamous with bucket-seat designed gaming chairs. For the ultimate comfort, we chose to have the seating made from a tight but stretchy mesh weaving that can support your weight and does not give out and cause discomfort. Our backrest is made from a strong but lightweight aluminum alloy that can support and be adjusted for your very own physique. Designed after the slim and almost transparent silhouette of a wineglass, giving it a skeletal but strong figure. The backrest has been given an ergonomic addition of a pillow placed down at your lower back, helping with lower spinal aches, and ensuring that you don’t get the sensation of falling through the chair. With a heavy emphasis on the ergonomics of a chair, it quickly becomes a low priority to consider how it behaves and sounds. The base and wheels of our chairs have been given a smoothening and dampening treatment to help with unneeded noise caused by moving parts inside and on the chair. The wheels are made from a higher-grade PU and come with soft rubber caps that, when attached to the base, decrease the amount of sound leakage. Not only does the PU create a softer sound, but they also provide a smoother gliding experience with the lower friction plastics. Opting for a highly adjustable and universal design instead of a static headrest design, we chose to give full freedom of choice when it came to ergonomics. The headrest can be adjusted both in height and at the resting angle. Seat features:

Korean Wintex Mesh
Ergonomic natural flowing design
Depth is adjustable in 5 levels

Backrest features:

Aluminum alloy
Korean Wintex Mesh
Adjustable tilt and angle

Headrest feature:

PA engineered plastics
Aluminum alloy
Korean Wintex Mesh
Angle adjustability
Height adjustability

Base and Castor feature:

Aluminum alloy
Friction and noise reducing PU rims
Noise reducing caps inside of the base
Sleeve for the gas lift for unnecessary rattle



The ZEN PHASE 004 is created with all the functions your body requires for long seating sessions in front of your PC. With Dynamic lumbar support, seat depth adjustment, detachable headrest, maximized backrest breathability in the mesh.   Dynamic Lumbar Support The dynamic lumbar support system inside the ZEN PHASE 004 adapts to your seating position and body movement, the adjustable lumbar system adjusts to the tension placed on the plates and adapts, the lumbar system can also be height adjusted for several users, or seating positions. Seat depth adjustments The seat depth adjustment is a great tool to allow more users to sit comfortably in the ZEN PHASE 004 – If you are keeping the chair all for yourself, the depth adjustment can be used to fine-tune the length of your legbone and size. Ensuring that pressure is relieved from your legs, the “Waterfall” design of the front of the seat ensures optimal blood flow when seated. Remember to stand up once in a while. Backrest tension recline adjustment With ease you can reach and adjust, the tension of backrest recline function can be tuned to your likening and easily changed. Regular tension adjustments are located below the seat, but on the ZEN PHASE 004, we have conveniently added the controls to the side of the seat. Right next to the backrest locking feature. Adjustable headrest height and position Opting for a highly adjustable and universal design instead of a static headrest design, we chose to give full freedom of choice when it came to ergonomics. The headrest can be adjusted both in height and at the resting angle. The headrest is also detachable. Backrest Y-inner frame The intelligently designed nylon inner frame is suspended in a “Y”-Shaped design, allowing the entire backrest system to twist and turn with the body – allowing for small movements throughout the day, with free-flowing viewing angles optimal for multi-monitor viewing or even office environments.  Combination of softness and breathability The ZEN PHASE 004, was created in duality with mesh and fabric. The backrest is fully covered in firm mesh providing ultimate breathability and disposal of body heat – especially fantastic in hot environments. While the soft durable fabric is placed on a firm foam filling seat.   Functions your body will thank you for! – Dynamic Lumbar support (Depth) – Height adjustable lumbar support – Seat depth adjustment – Backrest recline locking function – Backrest recline tension adjustment – Height adjustable headrest, with rotation – Soft-coated 3D adjustable armrest Noise-reducing caps inside wheels


When we set out to design the KURO we had the main goal of trying to achieve a well-built ergonomic made chair from durable materials so that the price tag could befit a customer seeking an ergonomic solution for a chair. And so, we did. Our KURO chair was made with a heavy emphasis on the materials that it is constructed with and how you can innovatively play around the limits and standards set by them. All the pieces share a universal material type. An engineered plastic that was manufactured with the goal to be a non-compromising solution to no-metal parts of the chair. The plastic is strong and flexible but also lightweight, perfectly striking a balance. Our backrest was designed for maximum lightweight capabilities. Ensuring a minimalistic design, we gave our backrest an almost 100% frame ratio with only the lumbar pillow and its supports visible. The integrated lumbar can be height adjusted to fit your figure and giving you a personalized ergonomic experience. The backrest has been given an upholstery boost with a flexible Korean mesh that can stretch and adapt to your physique while giving a passive airflow preventing uncomfortable extended sessions. Per our standard, we have strived to prevent invisible issues that can occur in the customer’s experience when it comes to chairs. Standard gaming seats come with an inherent issue of tipping upward by the end of the seat, causing blockage of essential vessels and nerves in the thighs. We chose to give our chairs a natural and comfortable solution to this issue by letting the thighs naturally slope down into a comfortable position by designing a seat that flows naturally. The seating is made with our premium Korean mesh and has been given some quality of life changes to help you conveniently and quickly adjust your posture. We chose to place the seat height and backrest tilt lock by the side of the chair to shorten the number of movements necessary to adjust these functions. The ability to slide the seat forward or backward has been assigned to a button, to easily click yourself into place.   Backrest features and build materials:

Height adjustable lumbar support
Height and tilt adjustable locking system
Auto adaptation system for added comfort

Seat features and build materials:

Ergonomic flowing design
Adjustable seat depth

Armrest features and build materials:

4D adjustment-based design
Coated with a soft PU arm frame

Base features and build materials:

Reinforced lightweight 340mm Nylon base

Wheels features and build materials:

Specially engineered casters for a quiet easy glide experience


The ZEN NARA GAMING CHAIR , is crafted with the features to ensure you always perform at your highest peak and gives you the support needed when in battle. Your place of ZEN, your zone, your arena. Details in the craftsmanship and quality of the NARA will not let you down. The ZEN NARA supports your spine with our built-in adjustable lumbar support – ensuring the curve of your lower back is supported and is made to fit several body types. Constructed of a full metal frame with custom molded foam to fit the ZEN NARA perfectly. The large soft coated 4D Premium metal armrest allows maneuverability to support in any position, and even elbow support when gaming with a controller. Included with the ZEN NARA is a soft memory foam velvet-covered headrest pillow. Holding up everything is the 60mm PU covered pressure release wheels – ensuring smooth glide on all surfaces. To ensure a stable and leveled position the reinforced aluminum base does all the heavy lifting.
•                           Integrated Adjustable lumbar support system.
•                           4D Premium metal armrest with soft coating.
•                           XL 60mm PU covered pressure release wheels.
•                           Class 4 Gaslift with 100mm travel.
•                           Multifunctional tilt mechanism.
•                           Full control tilt with a stepless locking mechanism.
•                           Reinforced 700mm aluminum base.
•                           Full metal frame 1.2mm Thickness
•                           Seat and backrest in molded foam with 45kg/m3 density with 65 Hardness level
INTEGRATED ADJUSTABLE LUMBAR SUPPORT SYSTEM You need this, there is no way around it. A solid posture is paramount when seated and gaming for several hours a day! The support system allows you to finely tune the curve of the backrest on your lower back, this allows you to modify the pressure put on your lower back when seated. Full extension of 5cm directly built into the frame of the ZEN NARA.
MULTIFUNCTIONAL TILT MECHANISM For full control of your seat tilt the Multifunctional mechanism allows you to tilt back with minimum effort at the smoothest setting, or create a push back when stiffened. All controlled below the seat. The mechanism also allows you to lock the tilt of the seat in any position with step-less control. Height adjustment is also controlled by the mechanism.  
4D PREMIUM METAL ARMRESTS WITH SOFT COATING The 4D metal armrests provide you with the features required to enjoy the ZEN NARA in any position, whether you are seated with recline, or playing a game with a controller.
Simply adjust the armrest directly on the metal button mechanisms. Allowing full 4D movement forward and backward, rotation in circular movement, height adjustments and inwards and outwards movement.
DURABLE UPHOLSTERY We have used high-grade upholstery across the full chair on the ZEN NARA, finely fitted onto the fully custom high density molded foam on the full metal frame. Ensures a tight fit, and a great look and feel – craftsmanship and comfort are the top priorities on the ZEN NARA.
XL 60MM PU COVERED PRESSURE RELEASE WHEELS The soft PU Covered wheels across the full ZEN line up of Gaming Chairs allows for a smooth glide on any surfaces given by the XL 60mm wheels. Made of high-quality materials they will never wear out – no matter how many RPM you spin in them.
ELEVATE YOUR GAME The Class 4 Gaslift provides 100mm travel and ensures even the tallest users to sit at a comfortable height with the chair, helping the progress is the elevated design of the 700mm strengthened Nylon base. The long traveling gas lift is securely placed in an 80mm depth below the surface of the base, providing unrivaled stability and anti-topple abilities.
REINFORCED 700MM ALUMINUM BASE. The sleek 700mm aluminum base metal base provides the structure of the entire chair. The simplicity of the cuts and angles gives a beautiful silhouette. The reinforced structure of the aluminum ensures maximum durability for many years to come.
Frame Sizing
When developing the ZEN frames, we wanted to ensure high comfort levels on all areas of the model. From backrest height and width down to the angle of the seat. To ensure that your body fits the frame view the measurements and asset the build.


The Razer Tarok Essentials Gaming Chair By Zen is an ergonomic gaming chair designed to provide ultimate comfort and support during long gaming sessions. The chair features an adjustable height, making it suitable for people of different sizes, and its padded seat and backrest ensure optimal comfort.

The chair’s armrests are also adjustable, and its soft padding reduces the strain on your arms and shoulders, improving your posture and reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, the chair has a sturdy base and wheels, making it easy to maneuver and providing stability during gameplay.

Designed with style in mind, the Razer Tarok Essentials Gaming Chair By Zen’s sleek black and green color combination will fit well into any gaming setup. Overall, this product is the ideal choice for serious gamers who want a chair that can provide them with the necessary support and comfort while they play their favorite games


The Razer Tarok Ultimate Gaming Chair by Zen is the perfect gaming accessory for any serious gamer who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level. This chair is designed to provide maximum comfort and support, allowing you to sit for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable or tired.

The chair has a sturdy metal frame and features high-quality foam padding that moulds to your body’s contours, providing optimal comfort and support. The backrest and armrests are fully adjustable, so you can customize the chair to fit your unique body shape and size.
The Razer Tarok Ultimate Gaming Chair also features a 4D armrest, which allows you to adjust the height, angle, depth, and width of the armrests, providing unparalleled comfort and support for your arms and shoulders. The chair also includes a neck and lumbar pillow, which can be adjusted to fit your needs.

In addition to its ergonomic design, the Razer Tarok Ultimate Gaming Chair is also built for durability and style. The chair’s base is made from heavy-duty aluminium, which provides excellent stability and durability. The chair is upholstered in high-quality PU leather, which is comfortable and easy to clean.

Zen’s Razer Tarok Ultimate Gaming Chair is a top-of-the-line gaming chair perfect for any serious gamer. With its ergonomic design, adjustable features, and durable construction, this chair will provide a comfortable and immersive gaming experience. And with its stylish design and sleek aesthetics, it will look great in any gaming setup.

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