Perfectly in Harmony/Experience tranquility

Made from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy to bring proper insurance and longevity to your chair. The metal frame of our ZEN [PHASE 003] STEEL chair was made for impeccable reliability and fully adjustable ergonomics, designed to mimic nature. As with real steel, we broke down a chair to its simplest components, filtering out all that is unnecessary and what supports which parts of the body, leaving no impurities in the final product. 

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Backrest features and build materials:
  • Aluminum alloy 
  • Korean Wintex Mesh 
  • Adjustable tilt and angle
    Seat features and build materials:
    • Korean Wintex Mesh 
    • Ergonomic natural flowing design 
    • Depth is adjustable in 5 levels
      Headrest features and build materials:
      • PA engineered plastics 
      • Aluminum alloy 
      • Korean Wintex Mesh 
      • Angle adjustability 
      • Height adjustability 


          Base and Castor feature:
          • Aluminum alloy 
          • Friction and noise reducing PU rims 
          • Noise reducing caps inside of the base 
          • Sleeve for the gas lift for unnecessary rattle 
            • Material

              Korean Wintex Mesh

            • Color


            • EAN